Global markets.
Made-to-measure solutions.

With offices in Hamburg, Shanghai and Hong Kong, GNS Shipping owns and operates a fleet of state-of-the-art, highly efficient bulk
carriers and container ships. From these locations, GNS Shipping is able to serve its cus-tomers and partners worldwide.

Thanks to strategic investments in innovative ship designs, we are continuously expanding our fleet with new ships. A key priority with each new construction is to satisfy the highest possible environmental sustainability criteria – particularly with regards to carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption – and technical standards. GNS Shipping oversees these new constructions from concept and development right through to the construction itself. This ensures detail, as well as satisfying both current and future market demands. Our work is spurred by major advances in ship design in recent years that have resulted in lower fuel consumption, reduced emissions and increased profitability.

GNS Shipping is the first company to have ordered LNG powered dual-fuel container feeder ships and is investing against the cycle in a traditionally volatile market, which requires outstanding knowledge and expertise and a clear understanding of the intricacies of the industry.

In addition to the financing, development and implementation of shipbuilding projects, GNS Shipping also offers a full spectrum of services for cost-effective operation of ships in service on both a technical and commercial level. Our experienced industry experts oversee the recruitment and management of the crew, organize and monitor chartering with strategic partners, and take full responsibility for all aspects of the ships’ technical and commercial operation. Our charter partners are exclusively AAA customers.

China as a growth market
China lies at the heart of global commerce. As a German-Chinese corporate partnership, GNS Shipping offers the best possible access to this highly dynamic market – with excellent contacts, an outstanding repu­tation and a dependable network already in place in the Chinese market.